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Fine Furniture Inspiration Ideas, Tips & News
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    We understand that students are often on a budget, and it can be quite difficult to furnish apartments for homes, especially for students who live alone. With this in mind, we are proud to offer a 10% discount on our furniture and homewares, available exclusively to students studying at Victoria University.


    This promotion will be running indefinitely and there is no minimum or maximum amount to be met for the promotion to be applied.

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    Got your home decor aesthetic all sorted out yet you cannot let go of specific style elements not even when it comes to choosing your TV Units? Then transitional entertainment units may turn out to be the optimal choice, blending classic looks or materials with the modern functionality of today’s most coveted furniture.

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect unit to house your TV and media gear, or you’re searching for the ideal backdrop for your wall-mounted flat screen, equipped with all the necessary storage space sought after in a demanding, high-traffic place such as the living room, there are options of TV Units to help you turn any wall into a focal point worth contemplating.

    wooden tv wall unit

    wood console

    Today’s TVs don’t take up much space anyway, enabling you to organize your living room in the way you like it, incorporating a mix of styles that evoke both the old and the new. And speaking of keeping the room free of clutter, no modern living room would be complete without adequate storage space, subsequently adding to the appeal of transitional style TV units endowed with cabinets and drawers and spacious open shelving for display. And since the living room is the only indoor place that focuses on entertainment, you need to make your TV Units as functional and attractive as possible and a true media centre for the delight and enjoyment of your guests.

    joinery and floating tv

    living room

    Theodor Entertainment TV Unit is perfect for those who aren’t willing to let go of the retro appeal of Scandinavian furniture, yet do wish to incorporate modern craftsmanship and colour into their living space along with ample storage to house every piece of media gear you may have, or serve additional decorative needs. Constructed from a harmonious blend of veneer and solid wood, encased in a natural finish paired with coloured lacquer for an uplifting aesthetic, this minimalist unit effortlessly sinks in traditional and modern decors while creating a stylish focal point.

    a new tv unit from interior secrets
    item: Theodor Scandinavian TV Unit

    If you require modern designs throughout the house, yet believe the natural wooden look suits your living room style better, then the Maze TV Entertainment Unit might fit in nicely in your current décor. This piece features tinted glass panels beautifully contouring the front of the TV unit, and is integrally constructed out of resilient walnut veneer. It pertains to contemporary tastes thanks to an extending top shelf that will help you set the angle of your viewing space, while incorporating eye-catching asymmetry into your settings. On top of its massive display potential, Maze TV entertainment Unit has great storage space to tastefully put away all those items unworthy of showcasing.

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    In furniture – just like in fashion – getting your hands on designer pieces means partially saving your income for more months than you’re willing to wait to see your home or commercial space properly furnished. If being style-conscious is synonym with owning designer furniture, you’re probably one of the gazillion people that want to save money while caught in brand names. How exactly can one accomplish that? Through online shopping!

    Smaller retail prices

    Even designer furniture can have much lower costs when you shop online than when purchasing from stores. That’s because online companies either own or rent a warehouse – or they source directly from the manufacturer, cutting the middleman from the equation and also saving money on staff, rent etc. You might not see the difference when buying a designer pendant lamp, but when your whole living space is housing designer pieces, so will your wallet nestle added $ bills.

    egg char in living room


    Sales and discounts

    Getting online deals is always welcomed and preferred to walking from store to store in the attempt to find a huge deal that will allow you to surround your newest sofa acquisition with a duo of companions, be it armchairs or table lamps. Internet retailers always offer discount prices, especially in January and July. That is because new collections usually enter the stores twice a year, respectively in February and August, and online companies hurry to sell old, remaining items and make room for the new.

    lounge chair in apartment living room


    Free shipping

    Let’s be honest: shipping fees can often be a deal breaker after you’ve spent half a salary on designer lounge furniture. The costs of bringing your latest purchases home can be so significant, you actually start wondering whether it’s worth pursuing your designer shopping frenzy after all, settling for a timeless, no-name design acquired from your local furniture retailer. This is where online shopping comes in because purchasing from an internet retailer usually comes with zero costs of delivery attached!

    black simple furniture setting


    Designer replicas

    What is the definition of original nowadays when, just like in fashion, furniture designers inspire themselves from the creations of others? Buying knock-offs is a rising trend amongst people who are willing to buy the name along with the actual piece but what happens when buying the name comes with a price tag that may as well ruin your vacation plans for the whole year? Let’s take the famous Lounge Chair and Ottoman by dearest Charles and Ray Eames whose creational drive was backed up by the desire to introduce great designs to the masses, coming up with superior furniture designs that anyone could afford. Now? The original comes with a hefty price tag that would make this designer couple turn in their graves.
    Even less costly designer furniture can be associated with a premium reproduction at half the price, and thus still represent a real temptation and a priority purchase over the original when sketching a shopping list on a budget. See the example of iconic CH20 Elbow Chair by prolific Danish designer Hans Wegner, which is one of those chairs people can’t get enough of due to its minimalist elegance, coveting it for its stylish and oh-so-versatile aesthetic, or simply loving its wide profile and comfy seat. But with the original retailing at $695, and the reproduction – at $300, it’s not hard to guess why the online designer replica industry is continuously flourishing.

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    modern white sofa in living room

    White Fabric Sofa Instructions

    A white sofa can impart a sense of serenity and sophistication to your living space, and even though numerous homeowners simply adore their beloved pristine furniture, there are just as many people who question whether white sofas are also practical besides being beautiful. If you too are amongst the skeptics, bear in mind that taking care of a white fabric sofa is not as much of a nuisance as you might think. In fact, they can take quite a beating and still look gorgeous.

    If the idea of cleaning stubborn stains turns into a panic thought whenever kids, guests or pets are within close proximity to delicate furniture, you can always grab a blanket to throw over the seat for yours and others’ peace of mind. And be aware of hidden dangers, meaning, even if a potential user is known to be the most attentive and diligent person you know, colourful clothing CAN stain a white sofa, particularly new, dark blue jeans. If you’re spotting any, make sure you have a quilt in handy to avoid a potentially messy situation.

    Before attempting any cleaning, test your ‘weapon’of choice on a concealed surface of your white sofa to make sure the aftermath is not uneven tones. For same reason, avoid using bleach or use it only with white slipcovered sofas. The latter can also be bleached naturally by letting them dry in natural sunlight.

    Always dab stains during cleaning, and never scrub because a rough treatment like that will only spread the dirt more or help it set. And for the love of white, do tend to the stain as soon as they occur to make cleaning a breeze and not a hazard.

    How to look after your white sofa

    1. Vacuum prior to cleaning as it will lift the dirt that can turn into a stain as soon as you add moisture into the picture. In fact, vacuuming might be the first and only stage of the cleaning process if we’re talking dust and dry dirt. For pet hair, lint residue and other fluff, use a lint roller.
    2. Deep cleaning with baking soda is most trusted ingredient when cleaning a white fabric sofa is baking soda. You can mix it with water to form a paste and let it sit for several minutes, then dab it off or use a vacuum to remove it. If stubborn or stretchier marks are your main reason of concern, you can use baking soda along with other ingredients like cornstarch and cornmeal to create a homemade dry cleaner to break up the stain and perfectly remove all traces. Mix two cups of baking soda with half cup of cornstarch andhalf cup of cornmeal and let your homemade sofa cleaner sit for at least two hours before vacuuming it off.
    3. Upholstery cleaning product, but don’t put your faith in it unless its label specifically states it is white-friendly and safe to use on the type of fabric your sofa is made of.

    Just remember, it is very important to ask for advice from your supplier as they will know the specifics and which products might be better for a certain range.

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    photo competition to win $500

    Our customers have great style and we want everyone to know! Our last photo competition gave us some beautiful entries, we loved them so much we're going to run another one!

    If you've purchased from us in the last 24 months, send us photos of your gorgeous Interior Secrets items, looking great in your home or office, to before 5pm Friday 11th of September, for the chance to win a $500 Interior Secrets gift voucher!

    Terms & Conditions:

    1. To be eligible to win, submit a high resolution (+1MB) image of your home or office space, featuring Interior Secrets product(s), by 5pm on 11 September 2015, by email to
    2. Multiple entries allowed.
    3. Images must include at least one product purchased from Interior Secrets to be considered for entry.
    4. The winner will be chosen on Monday 14th of September, and will be selected based upon:
    • Quality of Image
    • Styling of room
    • Interior Secrets product placement in image
  • Images submitted for entry grant permission for use by Interior Secrets for feature on social media and marketing purposes.
  • The winner will by announced on 14 September 2015 and receive an exclusive $500 gift voucher to spend online or instore. The voucher is not valid in conjunction with any other offer, including free shipping items.
  • The voucher is valid for 12 months from date of issue.

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    This year we are welcoming many novelties in terms of interior design, including some of the most unique tiles ever made. Upgrades in the technology of tile manufacturing now allow improved synchronization with the hottest furniture trends. Never considered that home tiles deserve much of a hype yet found yourself choosing them as your preferred wall or flooring option? If you’re planning to redecorate or redesign your home any time soon, here’s what you need to pay attention to in terms of interior designs that team up beautifully with your home’s tiles:
    Today’s ultra-modern, minimalist living rooms go hand in hand with one of the trendiest tiles: large scale tiles with matte or semi-glossy finish. Choose sleek, contemporary pieces with soft curves whose luxurious sensuality will pair nicely with your generously proportioned porcelain slabs.

    Just take a look how wonderful this interior is complimented by beautiful porcelain tiles form Perini Tiles.

    barcelona chair on porcelain tiles

    The trendiest direction in interior designs we should all gravitate towards is linked to the earthly, natural and organic. Rustic and industrial style furniture, with their old world charm, will match your textured tiles perfectly. And when we say textured, we’re thinking brushed and distressed finishes, fabric looks and wood-like tiles. These look amazing in the company of vintage, industrial and reclaimed furniture, as well as rustic and bohemian. And since it can get quite chilly these days, why not throw a fashionable animal hide over your timber-look tiles?
    Vintage and retro decors add even more charisma to subway tiles, which continue to be popular in 2015. If colourful mosaic tiles are your thing, surprisingly, your furnishing options are quite varied. A vibrant backsplash provides gorgeous contrast to an all-white bathroom with free standing tub. Modern kitchens can also become livelier with the addition of mosaic tiles. For living rooms, think lots of colourful fabric pieces in rich hues for a spirited, oriental vibe.

    modern bathroom

    image source:

    Speaking of colour, pick lighter shades of furniture to contrast with dark tiles. Gray is the hottest tone this year and looks amazing paired with clean, contemporary furniture. Neutral tiles are the safest option regardless of your preferred interior designs, with natural tiles looking impeccable in both modern and eclectic settings. For example, shabby chic furniture can work with matte, textured tiles which can provide the same balance to metallic bathroom fittings like gold and brass tapware.

    beautiful outdoor setting

    image source:

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    Danish and Scandinavian designs have always had a special place in people’s hearts, and they continue to flourish and evolve as interior trends shift towards newer directions. With the entire world gravitating back towards the earthly, the traditional, the organic and eco-sustainable, the Scandinavian furniture, with its authentic appeal and uncluttered nature, hits the spotlight again, ensuring a loop of success and popularity that doesn’t seem to end any time soon.


    The philosophy of the Danish and Scandinavian trend is geared towards simple form and function, putting emphasis on clean cuts, smooth edges, understated elegance, simple sophistication and a comfortable lack of ornate designs and unnecessary pizzazz. No matter how basic, Danish and Scandinavian furniture and homewares are never dull, pleasing the eye with inviting and inspiring pieces that connect us with the ever-changing environment. Nothing detracts the attention from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives than the Danish and Scandinavian interior tranquility.


    Danish and Scandinavian Furniture

    The Danish and Scandinavian take on the 2015 interior trends is as breathtaking as you’d expect it to be. Contemporary in nature, but inspired by the traditional, Danish and Scandinavian furniture designs maintain that organic appeal and lightness they’ve always been valued for. The latest interior trends continue that tradition, with hand-crafted designs and high-quality finishes, all putting emphasis on the natural beauty of the materials used. If your room is boasting a heavy centre piece, create a harmonious setting by adding light framed accent pieces and fabric homewares, a quintessential of the Scandinavian trend.

    dnaish and scandinavian dining setting

    Danish and Scandinavian Lighting and Accessories

    One of the biggest trends of 2015 consists of the re-emerging of blue in both furniture and accessories context. With the Danish and Scandinavian Trends focusing on neutral tones as far as furnishings are concerned, it’s no surprise that today’s homewares come in various shades of blue, beautifully complimenting neutral colours like whites, tans, muted pinks, greys and backs. Think matte accessories, woven carpet sand fabric cushions and throws.

    grey colour living room setting

    Speaking of carpets, another major Danish and Scandinavian trend consists of 3D texturized carpets in jewel and moody tones, as well as neutral shades like off-whites, grey and charcoal. And if you thought wallpapers are no longer trendy, think again. Today, wallpapers are not only super stylish, but the Scandinavian wallpapers, with their fantastic prints, textures and matte finishes will give any room a softer lighting and the added interest of a feature wall.

    Simple, characterful homewares are the hallmarks of the Danish and Scandinavian Trend. Try and get your hands on naked bulb lighting fixtures, wooden decorative items and accessories in warm-coloured metals, like copper or brass, in brushed and matte finishes.

    If you like what you have seen simply check out our Danish & Scandinavian furniture styles to see many of the great items that will be an awesome addition to your home.

    These great images are from decor dots and

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    We've all heard about wicker furniture, particularly in association with outdoor decor. Oftenly confused with rattan, wicker is not actually a material, but a form of weaving using various plants, grasses and vines, as well as synthetic vinyls and resins. But the appeal of wicker is not limited to porch and patio use, as it can be effortlesly styled to enhance interior decor as well and any room you can think of, even the bedroom!

    wicker bohemian living room

    image source:

    image source:


    When used as indoor furniture, wicker usually consists of organic materials, while synthetic wicker furnishings give flair to outdoor designs, whilst withstanding light, heat or moisture.
    You may not have realised, yet wicker furniture can easily become an accent piece regardless of your home aesthetic. Like other rough textures, wicker pieces appear natural and comforting, granting living spaces a warmth that oftentimes imbues ecclectic and traditional spaces, along with thick fabrics, uneven surfaces, texturized walls and floorings.

    indoor wicker furniture setting

    image source:

    image source:

    Wicker furniture is so versatile, it can be easily transformed from preppy into bohemian, from rustic into elegant, from Victorian into mediterranean. If you're looking for classic elegance, opt to achieve a simple, cohesive look using coordinating pieces like armchairs, a love seat and a stylish coffee table with glass-covered top. Cushions in preppy colours and patterns will make all the difference. Speaking of decor items, just by adding bright, saturated textiles like cushions, throws, tableclothes and hides can help disguise wicker furniture into an inviting, bohemian design full of eclectic charm. Colourful fabrics make excellent styling ideas even for worn-out wicker, as damaged furniture with missing pieces can be neatly concealed with textiles matching your current decor.

    beautiful outdoor wicker setting

    If you're not exactly fond of the rustic patio style using classic wicker furniture, or you wish to steer clear from the elegant, commercial wicker look, you can always rely on colourful wicker furniture for added zest, or perhaps turn your porch into a lovely Victorian haven with white wicker furniture elevated by romantic cushions.

    Whatever your taste in décor, you can always opt for wicker as a timeless, affordable and sustainable way of furnishing your entire home, inside and out!


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    It can often be quite overwhelming being so spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing furniture for your living room. You’ll find endless advice on style and arrangements though investing in the right pieces based on your lifestyle will be most beneficial, as it sets everything in place to work around later on.

    We’ve collated a number of staple pieces worth looking into whether you’re on a budget, out of home or just in need of refreshing storage ideas.

    Where do you fall under?

    grey home interiors


    The Modern Family Living Room

    Baby’s toys dispersed throughout your floor? Perhaps your coffee table has been replaced as a video game stand. It’s a little hard keeping up with life sometimes – but who says your lounge room has to show it?

    Storage units are ideal for clearing up space and hiding those miscellaneous items. Anything with drawers is faultless; keep CDs, DVDs and games piled together. Most modern TV units come equipped with designated shelves and cord holes so you can tick organization and cleanliness off the list.

    Once clutter is ruled out, glass cabinets or cube shelves are fantastic ways to store books, display photo frames and various home décor, making your living room ooze “home sweet home.”



    Young Independents

    It’s 6 o’clock! Time to put your feet up and your wine glass down. Your living room is undoubtedly the perfect place to unwind after a stressful day of work or classes and an ottoman just might be your new best friend. You’ve most likely seen the current trend of these padded footrests doubling as coffee tables and it definitely hasn’t risen to popularity without reason. Apart from sprucing up the room with elegance, they’re also practical and isn’t just exclusive for those with larger living areas – some even double as a storage box with a lift lid, which can be great for keeping magazines, throw rugs etc.

    Laying a breakfast tray atop the ottoman radiates sophistication and simultaneously combats the “non-flat surface” argument. Freshen the room up with flowers or succulents and relax.





    Lovers on a budget

    Just settled into your new home but are looking to save some cash? Versatility is key if you’re in a small apartment or on a spending limit.
    Butlers Trays are brilliant, trendy alternatives to side tables without losing that stylish factor or functionality. Put a little pot plant and a few books to exude a cozy feel; perhaps use it to place the home phone.

    Their lightness in weight means they’re extremely easy to move so if you have a penchant for hosting parties, or need a food table for your movie night-in they also make excellent stands for holding snacks and nibbles!



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    Arguably the most frequented area in your home, dining rooms are the perfect projects for a makeover. The good news is that it can be done so simply; often just a single standout piece can make your room look and feel brand new.

    Play with themes, colour accents and everything in between. Regardless of the style of your little nook, these timeless statement ideas are bound to freshen up any home and make your dining area lively and lovely.

    nice dining room setting



    Perhaps the greatest invention of illusion, mirrors are the number one go-to for room revamps making even the smallest areas look infinitely bigger.
    With most dining rooms located near a window, the simple addition of a wall mirror can instantaneously illuminate your whole house leaving no room for error. There are an abundance of styles available for different types of homes though even plain mirrors can make all the difference!

    Style Suggestion:

    Layering a few basic mirrors adds extra style. However, mirrors with unique shapes/frames are perfect for creating a glamorous statement

    Mix and match dining chairs

    It may strike as unusual for those who aren’t yet familiar with this new craze, but throwing a variety of chairs stylishly lights up any dining area like wildfire. The mismatching of chairs adds character to what may be an otherwise traditional-looking room and sparks your imagination and creativity when choosing your pieces. The wonderful thing about mix and matching is its endless flexibility. It can suit absolutely any style of home and can complement more than one style. For instance, dressing up a rustic table with a mix of modern chairs or vice versa.

    Style Suggestion:

    Sitting larger, upholstered chairs at the two table ends creates an elegant look. Conversely, having a bench seat on one side of the table makes for a cozy, flawless addition.



    modern dining table setting



    Rugs look impeccable in any room so if you’re looking to dress up your dining area, these bold staples prolifically create statements with very little effort. They’re pleasant to look at and make the room a little richer. We understand the potential horror that comes with rugs however (children dropping food, wine spills, dog paws) so if you’re fearful of stains, opt for a darker colour or pattern. You’ll have no trouble finding a huge range of colours, styles and designs available so regardless of your flooring, we’ve got something to suit your home – make it say something about you!

    Style Suggestion:

    Choose a rug large enough to cover the whole dining space, including the chairs. It’d also be a good idea to use the rug as a colour guide from which you can base the scheme of your home décor like frames, canvases and plants.