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Fine Furniture Inspiration Ideas, Tips & News

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    online furniture storesOnline furniture stores have sprouted like mushrooms in the last two years. We can see that e-commerce has revolutionized the way in which consumers approach the concept of shopping. Purchasing your dream home furnishings has never been easier. With just a click of a button, you are able to cater your individual needs to match your unique ideas.

    Modern day homes represent the personality of their occupants. Home furniture should be selected tastefully with the right combination of home furnishings using good home decor ideas. However, picking out good home furniture is not an easy task. There is so much variety that it becomes impossible to physically visit various home furniture stores to make a choice, thus, the growing popularity of online furniture stores.

    Not only do e-commerce stores provide an abundant range made available to suit your creative ideas, it does so at much cheaper prices compared to traditional brick and mortar stores. With our streamlined direct-to-customer online store, we cut out the middlemen and overhead costs associated with running a traditional furniture store, so ultimately you only pay for what you get. This concept allows us to deliver designer furniture to anyone anywhere in Australia much more competitively.

    Interior Secrets is rapidly becoming an online furniture store of choice within Australia. Buying home furniture online, especially at Interior Secrets is easier, faster and cheaper.

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    ergonomic office chairsIt may seem surprising that an adventure sport like sitting down all day can actually cause a significant amount of damage. Back pain is a regular complaint amongst people who spend the majority of their day in a chair. Whether it’s been caused by the day to day strain of staring at a computer, or from a previous injury that can be aggravated from the simple act of sitting, it’s important to select an office chair that has adequate back support.

    Get superior back support with ergonomic office chairs

    Ergonomic office chairs are specifically designed to take the strain and pressure off bad backs, to help alleviate pain and decrease the risk of long term sustained damage. There is a huge range available on the Australian market that targets certain aspects of the body, including your back, neck, hips and legs.

    These office chairs don't only offer superior back support, they also provide the benefit of complete comfort. This way, you are able to feel content while having the peace of mind that you are doing something good for your body.

    Don't suffer through long days of agony anymore; discover Interior Secrets’ great range of ergonomic office chairs. Order one today and feel the difference!

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    eamse lounge chair Classic designer furniture has been a popular choice for discerning interior designers for years but never more so than at the moment as there is such a great range of furniture available in the style of just about any decade you care to choose. Interior decorators and designers have the opportunity to style rooms with classic designed furniture but with the benefit of up-to-date manufacturing techniques and materials.

    Our entertainment units are constructed with a variety of finishes but all with a great designer look and each having an individual style. These units are made from the finest quality materials complement many of the other designer furniture items we stock. For some great seating options, egg chairs have a great shape to curl up in and with their bold red or black colour schemes will stand out and make any room look fabulous.

    For those seeking the ultimate in reclining chairs there is the luxury of a Le Corbusier chaise lounge. This is a remarkably comfortable and completely adjustable recliner and is finished in fine leather. Also fabricated from black leather is the classic Barcelona chair. This comfortable piece designed by Mies Van Der Rohe for the German Pavilion entry in the 1929 exposition, has stood the test of time being manufactured and sold almost constantly since its first introduction.

    From a little later, the 1959 Eames lounge chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company is a marvel of engineering and conceptual design. Made from curved plywood shells with leather seat cushions, the unusual shape of this piece makes it an outstanding piece of furniture. The equally proportioned back rest panels and the matching ottoman offer a superb combination of excellent design aesthetics and comfort.

    Modern chairs are often manufactured from low quality materials in an effort to keep the price down but the designer and replica furniture we offer is all manufactured to original specifications and materials are chosen for their durability and suitability. The ranges we carry have all been constructed with the best workmanship to ensure that our products will look good for years to come. Designers know that it is a false economy to install items that have a limited appeal and lifespan. Choosing classic furniture designs will mean that even as rooms are re-decorated, the furniture will still be appropriate and will suit almost any environment. With the fine build quality and timeless looks, designer furniture can be a real investment that will last for years to come and provide much comfort and enjoyment as a result.

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    low line furniture Fancy redecorating your home with new pieces of furniture? Well, if you haven't heard, low is in! Low, as in low line furniture, a trend that found its way back into urban homes, making interiors more unique and appealing.

    Stylish, relaxed and informal, low lying furniture has a cosy charm to it, this sort of aesthetic appealing to numerous homeowners across the country. Low line beds, sofas, entertainment units, coffee tables and other low line furniture items don't take up much space, and thus have the added advantage of making the room appear larger.

    Low line furniture is increasingly popular especially amongst couples and young families who value the idea of spaciousness, a concept sought after by many since today's room sizes have been getting smaller. This change of décor can make ceilings appear higher, the rooms appear less crowded, turning low line furniture into the ideal solution for those living in modest-sized houses or apartments.

    Another reason why the demand for low line units has increased is because the low lying range of furniture features clean-line designs whose minimalistic properties give an elegant touch that's also relaxing to the eye. If you are to showcase low height furniture in an aesthetic manner, go for simple lines and shapes that will help you update your home décor according to the latest interior design trends. Minimalist low line furniture with high gloss finish is especially trendy, a tip worth remembering if you're planning to refurbish your home any time soon.

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    OH&S tips for your office furniture to reduce workplace injury

    office chairsMany people spend a good nine hours a day at work; some people even more. Those of us who sit at a desk for hours on end and only get up to walk to the printer or the lunch room know just how important a properly set up workstation is for our health. A correctly set up workstation can reduce the likelihood of everything from back problems to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). From the office chairs to placement of the computer hardware to the height of your desk, everything plays its part in ensuring an occupational health and safety friendly workplace. If your office configuration isn’t conducive to an OH & S friendly arrangement, office fitouts – including replacing your old and worn out seats with a purchase of bulk office chairs – can help you maximise office space in order to create a safety conscious workplace.

    Office chairs should be at a height that your feet can comfortably remain flat on the ground. Your thighs should essentially run parallel to the floor, while your lower legs should remain vertical. Back support from your office chair should enable you to sit upright, without slouching, while the support should fit comfortably with the arch of your lower back.

    How you set up your desk will depend on whether it’s height adjustable or not. If you do have a height adjustable desk it’s recommended that you adjust your office chair to suit your requirements, then alter the height of your desk so the surface is just below elbow height. Non-adjustable desks will need to be modified - either cut the legs down or raise your chair and use a footrest if the desk is too high, or extend the desk leg length if the desk is too low.

    Items and boxes should not be stored in the space under the desk where your legs will typically be – this is why we have shelving. Workplace items that you most frequently use should be placed in the top drawers of your desk to reduce the need to bend and potentially injure your back. Desk surfaces should be free of clutter so your range of movement is not restricted.

    These are just some basic occupational health and safety tips – speak to your workplace OHS representative for more comprehensive information. In addition to your office furniture being set up at the right height, it’s important that it is all functional as well. If your office chairs are worn out and have seen better days, they’re not going to do anyone any favours. So keep your office furniture in great condition – after all the cost of bulk office chairs is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the cost of workplace injury.

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    tolix furnitureInterior Secrets offers a wide range of premium quality replica furniture of the French designer brand Tolix. Tolix is one of the most popular and internationally renowned designer brands when it comea to furniture. Tolix is well known for its contemporary and stylishly simple designs and quality made furniture. We provide high quality replica Tolix furniture, following the original designs of Tolix designer Xavier Pauchard, and using the same materials, designs and colours as the original designer brand.

    The Tolix furniture range we offer includes Tolix tables, chairs and bar stools. These Tolix furniture items are galvanized before powder coating to ensure that they are rustproof and provide replica designer furniture of the best quality, setting our furniture range apart from other replica products.

    The iconic Tolix chair we offer is an excellent replica of the original and comes in the different colours and designs othis'd original Tolix designer range. Made of sheet metal, this chair is lightweight, sturdy and very versatile. Its elegant yet simple design makes it suitable for use for a variety of purposes and functions. There are also replica Tolix bar stools, which feature a timeless French design and are made from quality steel. They are available in a range of colours and you can get this French stool in 45cm or 65cm. These replica Tolix chairs and bar stools are stackable, making them convenient for use for a variety of indoor and outdoor purposes.

    Tolix tables are also offered as part of this designer furniture range. The replica Tolix Marais Powder Coated Table stays true to the original French design by Xavier Pauchard. It features a sturdy powder coated steel frame with a solid Teak table surface. It boasts simplicity, and is a versatile table that can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

    Our replica Tolix furniture range provides the best quality products just like the original French designer brand, but at a more affordable price.

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    hans wegner designer furnitureThe name Hans Wegner is synonymous with high quality furniture. Although he initially trained to be a cabinet maker and an architect, Hans discovered an affinity for working with wood that made him renown worldwide. During his lifetime, the chair maker produced more than 500 chairs some of which can be found in the world's best museums. Hans Wegner chairs are known for their timeless appeal and modern shapes.

    Mr. Wegner had a love for natural materials and created furniture that was functional and beautiful. He made mid-century Danish designs famous internationally. Hans Wegner wishbone chairs showcase some of his most famous designs. As other mid-century designers were creating chairs from plastic and steel, Hans stuck with wood and created a classic chair. The wishbone chair was first introduced in 1950 and remains one of Mr. Wegner's most identifiable designs to date. Hans Wegner wishbone chairs are available in natural wood and various colors.

    Another chair that sets the ultimate standard for comfort is the papa bear chair. This chair invokes the animal kingdom with its naturally playful and organic aspects. The chair's distinctive name has an interesting story behind it. A critic stated that the armrests were like "great paws that embraced one from behind" and the chair's name was born. It was designed by Mr. Wegner in 1951 and offers affordable luxury without compromising on structure.

    The Hans Wegner plank chair is a stunning example of a beautiful design from all angles. The chair features thick-padded, soft back and seat cushions with a solid timber frame, color-rich fabric upholstery, and a minimalist design. The Hans Wegner plank chair is a much loved lounge chair due to its effortless style that fits easily into any modern setting.

    Hans Wegner designer furniture combines form and function. Every design is created to provide ultimate comfort and beauty. It's no wonder Hans J. Wegner is the master of Danish chair design.

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    dining chairsIn most homes, the dining room is the most commonly used room. It is the place where family members come together to share a meal as they talk about the day's happenings. In order to make each mealtime an enjoyable and wholesome experience, it is important to have a dining area that is well-furnished with properly arranged dining room furniture. One way to achieve this is by choosing modern dining chairs for your dining room. These chairs give your dining room a modern twist and an innovative, aesthetic feel. They provide a simple way to add style and elegance to your dining room.

    Modern dining chairs, unlike traditional ones, are manufactured with functionality and style in mind which allows for more elegant and beautiful chairs that flow with your dining room.

    Replica dining chairs make an excellent choice when you want quality chairs that don't come with a high price tag. These dining chairs are high quality reproductions that have been carefully manufactured to the same specifications as the original designs. They are comfortable, lightweight and stylish.

    To give your dining room a classic European look, go for Danish dining chairs. These chairs come in many different styles and are manufactured using different materials. They offer a wide range of choice. Danish dining chairs offer maximum comfort and relaxation and make your dining room look great for dinner parties. A lot of people go for modern Danish chairs because they are simple, functional and elegant.

    When you want to buy dining chairs, choose ones that are both stylish and comfortable. Stylish dining chairs not only make your dining room look good but they also show off your personal style. Comfort is also a key factor when it comes to choosing dining chairs because the dining room is where people gather to eat and have conversations every single day.

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    home decorationAre you looking for some decorating inspiration? If your answer is yes, then you've come to the right place. Many homes, even those decorated by experts, often have decorating mistakes. Knowing the exact do's and don'ts of home decoration can help you to avoid the simple but costly mistakes that most people make. Here are some guidelines to help you turn your home into an interior designer's dream.

    The Do's

    When choosing patterns and colours for a room, pick no more than four. Tie the colours and patterns together with one predominant colour. For example, when you choose an orange chair or sofa for a room, incorporate orange accents into the patterns or solids on the rugs, throw cushions, drapes, and even the artwork.

    Choose feature pieces that enhance a room's appeal. Colourful rugs, throws, or a few punchy bright cushions on the sofa can brighten up your living room in an instant. Choose pieces that match a room's general scheme but also highlight it with a brighter colour, texture, or pattern.

    When getting new furniture, consider your home's space. Leave a lot of room for traffic to flow. A space of about 27 to 36 inches is ideal for living room walkways. Place ottomans and coffee tables not more than 18 inches from chairs or sofas to ensure people have enough sitting space and don't have to strain to get their personal items or beverages. Other things to consider when getting new furniture include a room's pre-existing pieces, the colours you find attractive, the furniture's durability, and your budget.

    When buying plastic or timber furniture pieces, consider their function, quality, and style. Plastic and timber furniture is durable hence you should choose something you will be comfortable with for a long time.


    Avoid clutter. A home, no matter how beautiful, can be made very unappealing by clutter. Ask yourself these three questions when considering what to keep:

    Is the item useful and beautiful?
    Does it fit with my home's style?
    Is it intact and complete?

    If your answer is no to all three questions, your home is probably better off without that piece.

    These simple tips, when aptly followed, will enhance your home's style, beauty, and appeal.

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    In this age of contemporary design, almost anything goes. A blend of furniture pieces can instantly bring a unique, fresh look to a room. Gone are the days when you had to worry about getting coffee tables that would match with the sofas. Nowadays, mix and match is in, and it's here to stay. It is a continually updating style that hints at openness and freedom of thought. By using simple rules, you can create a warm, inviting space in your home. If you want to create an eclectic, original style, follow these useful tips.

    Coordinate the Weight and Size of Furniture

    swan_chairsJust because you spot a matching sofa, ottoman, chair, and loveseat doesn't mean you go out and get the whole set. Mismatched lounge chairs can work excellently when they are of the same size. Similar scale and comfort is crucial when using mismatched furniture pieces in close proximity. This especially applies to chairs, which are chosen by guests according to their level of comfort. To break up the symmetry in a room, mix chairs with arms and without arms from the same range. A set of mismatched dining chairs can also break up the monotony in a room. For instance, you can choose unique host and hostess dining chairs and place them at both ends of a large dining table.

    Match Patterns and Colours

    tolix_chairsStick to one colour or family of colours and play with different shapes. Accent a sage-green sofa with a taupe or sand-coloured wingback chair, or enhance a wooden chair with an earth-coloured throw blanket. Know what colours to use together, and when in doubt always go for a lighter colour scheme.

    Choose Pieces That Complement Each Other

    When mixing a traditional and modern style, pick pieces that complement each other. For example, you can pair an antique lamp with an end table that looks similar to that time period. If you have a Japanese-inspired dining table, you can pair it with rice paper lamps.

    Mixing and matching furniture can bring unique style and cohesion to a room. By playing off common elements and themes, you can successfully mix and match furniture and create an eclectic flair in your home.

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    Themed rooms exude style, sophistication and leave a lasting impression in a person's mind. One key factor that determines what the theme in a room will be is the furniture. While most people think that a room's decorations and accessories control the theme, this is not the case. A room's theme can be transformed instantly just by changing the furniture. For example, you can completely transform a room by replacing a glass table with an antique table. If you want to create a contemporary, Danish, or French provincial theme in your home, here are some ideas.

    Contemporary Theme

    Contemporary Theme A contemporary theme comprises of a clean-looking environment. This theme focuses on straight lines and simple details. While many homes with contemporary themes use white colour, you can incorporate other solid shades. Put up one or two large artwork pieces to contrast with the light background. Since most of the room will be low-key, you can choose something large and bold to dominate the wall. Vibrant and opposing colours are essential for creating a contemporary look. Spice up your furniture and create a bold look by choosing contrasting colours. For example, pair up a teal sofa with orange pillows.

    French Provincial Theme

    French Provincial Theme This theme was popularly used in French Provinces in the 17th and 18th century. It is a relaxing and welcoming theme that gives a house a "lived in" feeling. A French Provincial theme is comprised of ornate carvings, curved lines and weathered wood. French Provincial couches and armoires are quintessential elements in a French Provincial theme. A white gilded or distressed armoire placed opposite a French Provincial sofa creates a strong focal point in a room. Choose an armoire with ornately carved details, old-fashioned crystal knobs, and subtle curves to amplify a room's vintage look.

    Danish Theme

    Danish Theme This Scandinavian style is made up of natural materials and colours. A Danish theme consists of a sleek, clean, and minimalist design. When choosing furniture for a Danish theme, choose pieces made from rosewood and teak. For living room furniture, choose low coffee tables made with teakwood and glass. Place a credenza in the living room for extra storage and to create a focal point for the home theatre equipment and the TV. Other key furniture pieces in a Danish themed living room include futons, armless chairs and sectional sofas in bold natural colours or neutral shades.

    There are numerous themes that can make a room stylish and sophisticated, but the furniture you use will determine the specific theme and era.

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    home furnitureHave you ever looked at your favourite dress and wondered if you could design a room around it? Well you can! Fashion is increasingly becoming a major part of modern furniture pieces. The trends showcased at fashion shows usually seem elusive to many, especially to the everyday fashionista. Luckily, the task of translating those trends into home décor is a lot more manageable. Fashion designers know the latest trends and the hottest colours. This helps them to create extraordinary designs that influence home furnishings. Just like you personalize your wardrobe, you can now personalize your furnishings. Here's how you can choose home furniture that is inspired by designs from the runway.


    Go For Rich Colours


    emerald green furnitureIn 2013, Pantone announced emerald green as the colour of the year. Fashion and interior designers quickly went to work and applied this vibrant colour in their designs. Emerald green is a rich, lively hue that can brighten up any living space. However, it doesn't have to be the focal colour for your home furnishings. Neutrals, whites, blacks, and rich colours that complement each other can shine in any space. For instance, gray and pink go well together. If you prefer to steer clear of trends, go for edgy designs that will enhance your interior past 2013.


    Don't Mix Similar Colours


    eames lounge chair ottoman whiteColours inject personality to your living space and set a room's mood and tone. However, when incorrectly used, they can overwhelm a room or give it a dull appearance. Choose furniture colours that coordinate with the things you love and express your personality. Don't strive to make things match. For example, just because you have red sofas doesn't mean you get rose or fuchsia coloured cushions. If you love red, choose a subtle colour as the main colour and incorporate red accent pieces to create a style that really "pops."


    Dress your home with a unique personality that showcases your style. Remember that your home is a reflection of who you are so decorate it with your favourite colours and prints.

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    eames lounge chair

    Undeniably one of the world's most recognized furniture pieces, the Eames lounge chair is truly a work of art. Designed by husband and wife design duo Charles and Ray Eames in 1956, this chair is the epitome of luxurious comfort and modernist style. The chair was first introduced to the public on the Arlene Francis "Home" show broadcasted by NBC. The Eames lounge chair has lasted for more than fifty years and is among the most outstanding furniture designs of the 20th century. The two piece set is officially known as Eames lounge chair (670) and ottoman (671).


    Charles and Ray Eames were known for their meticulous attention to detail and this chair truly testifies to that. Both the chair and ottoman are hand-assembled. The chair showcases a stunning blend of rosewood and leather veneers. Its armrest, backrest shells, and seat are made of smooth curved plywood and finished with a hardwood veneer. The shock mounts are made of resilient natural rubber with a die-cast aluminium frame on top for flexible movement. The chair has handy removable upholstery, adjustable stainless steel glides, and thick, luxurious leather covers. Its base features a built-in swivel mechanism. The ottoman's base and back braces are made of die-cast aluminium. Both the chair and ottoman have been built to last a lifetime.

    Luxurious Support and Comfort

    The Eames lounge chair offers premium comfort and support; two aspects that have made it remain popular up to date as compared to other 20th century furniture icons.


    eames lounge chair white

    The chair is incredibly versatile and looks perfect in any home or office. Since it exudes stunning style and optimum comfort, you can place it in your lounge, study, or living room to give your interior a stylish look.

    This ever enduring icon of modern design has graced many bedrooms, living rooms, and studies over the years. It has been featured in many TV shows and holds a permanent spot at the New York Museum of Modern Art. Like all classics, it simply gets better with age.

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    There are many ways of arranging furniture and the possibilities can seem overwhelming at times. Home decorating is an art that requires careful consideration of the available space and your personal preferences. While interior designers agree that a flawless room can only be created through trial and error, there are some furniture arrangement tips that can help you to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. Some top ones include:


    Minimize Clutter


    minimize clutter


    Most living rooms have a focal point like a TV or fireplace. You can arrange furniture around your focal point and leave some open space to allow people to get around the room easily. If you have children, train them to keep their things in their rooms and also clean the living room daily by removing things that are no longer in use like newspapers. Ensure you have enough storage space by creating smart storage areas that make the room look neat and organized. For example, you can get magazine racks for your magazines.


    Make Furniture Pieces Stand Out


    make furniture pieces stand out


    When arranging furniture, always focus on creating focal points. When a room has no focal points, the décor can look unappealing. Use a furniture piece to draw people's attention to a particular area. For instance, you can use an oversized sofa as a focal point. To achieve this effect, choose a colourful sofa and arrange other furniture pieces around it. You can also transform a dull living room instantly by adding a feature chair like an egg chair or a ball chair.


    Maximize Space


    maximize space


    When you have limited space, get furniture that provides you with extra storage and does double duty. Go for the least amount of furniture you can get away with that still meets your needs. You can use vintage filing cabinets as end desk tables or get coffee tables with storage space. You can also buy furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors like patio chairs which can be used at the dining table. Avoid placing furniture under direct sunlight as the sun can fade or damage it.

    Arranging furniture is an important yet daunting design decision. By following the above tips, you'll be able to create an inviting and comfortable room.

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    The accessories in your home tell a story and turn your house into a home. Without accessories, a home looks dull and lacks personality. It is therefore important to let your personality shine through when accessorizing. While buying furniture accessories might be easy and fun, knowing where to put them might be a challenge. Whether your style is sophisticated, simple, dramatic, or romantic, these two furniture accessories will help you to get the most out of your decorating.




    Cushions have become common place today just like the chairs or sofas they're placed on. They offer a simple and easy way to style your living space. When accessorizing, choose cushions with prints that incorporate neutral colours. This way, they'll never look out of place when placed on a colourful sofa.


    furniture accessories cushions


    If you have a neutrally-coloured sofa, use several cushions with different prints. When you want cushions with bold, graphic prints, incorporate some with subtle patterns or exquisite, line drawn shapes to tone things down. It is important to get just the right amount of cushions as too many can the throw off the texture and colour you're going for.




    Since you spend a lot of time on your sofa, it should be as warm and inviting as possible. A throw can be a lovely furniture accessory which can be draped over beds and sofas. You can use it to add extra colour to your living space and to keep yourself warm on chilly nights.


    furniture accessories throws


    When choosing a throw, ensure you get the right size. For example, if you have a two-seater sofa, it is advisable to get a smaller throw. However, if you have a large reclining couch or a corner sofa, get a large throw or two. Don't buy a throw just because it looks pretty on its own; choose the right colour to ensure it fits into the room it is placed in.

    These two furniture accessories will instantly brighten up any dull living room and tell a great story about your personal style and taste.

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    Nothing feels as good as owning beautiful furniture. Furniture items can instantly transform interiors from dull to spectacular. When taken good care of, furniture can last a long time. However, when left neglected, it can get spoilt in a short matter of time. If you're wondering how to maintain your furniture and prolong its lifespan, here are a few things to keep in mind.


    Wood Furniture


    wood furniture


    Furniture items made of wood must be dusted regularly a few times a week to help avoid soil build up and to keep the surfaces free of debris. When dusting, use a clean, lint-free, dry cloth. For general cleaning, wash the surface of the furniture with water and mild soap. Afterwards, rinse with water and dry the surface with a clean cloth.


    Wood furniture should be kept away from direct sunlight. If you have to place the furniture near windows, cover the windows with curtains or drapes to minimize sunlight as the strong rays of the sun can fade and dry the color.




    marble furniture


    Wash your marble furniture items with a clean cloth and lukewarm water. To remove soil build, wash the furniture with a mild detergent twice a year.


    Wicker, Reed, and Cane


    wicker furniture


    Clean wicker, reed, and cane furniture using mild soap and lukewarm water or a vacuum with a brush attach. When cleaning with water, make sure you don't wet the wooden parts of the furniture. After cleaning, use a dry cloth to absorb any excess moisture and to dry the surface.




    leather furniture


    When cleaning leather furniture, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Leather fabrics usually require specific conditioners to maintain their shine. If the furniture doesn't come with instructions, clean it using a damp cloth and dry it with a clean cloth afterwards.


    Steel, Metal, Or Aluminum


    If you own furniture made of these materials, dust it regularly and wipe it occasionally using a soft, damp cloth. Wash tough dirt with hot, soapy water and rinse using a soft cloth. Avoid using strong detergents, abrasives, and cleansing powders on this type of furniture as some may contain alkali which causes pitting of the material.


    With these easy tips, you'll be able to care for your furniture and make it last a long time.

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    Are you one of those people who refrain from buying white furniture because you think it's difficult to maintain? If you answered "yes," you are not alone. Many homeowners refrain from buying white furniture because it attracts dirt easily. However, maintaining the immaculate appearance of white furniture isn't as hard as you think. If you have your heart set on a white sofa or chair, get it and use these tips to keep it looking clean and radiant:


    Treat the Fabric with Stain Guard


    Treat the Fabric with Stain Guard


    Depending on the type of fabric used on the sofa or chair, you can keep stains off by using stain guard. Stain resistant chemicals can be easily found in department stores or hardware stores. There are specific stain resistant products made for leather furniture pieces. When choosing stain resistant products, find out the specific material used on the chair and understand how it reacts to certain chemicals. Some furniture pieces are treated with stain resistant materials before purchase.


    Clean Small Spots with Fabric Cleaners


    Clean Small Spots with Fabric Cleaners


    If you have white furniture, chances are a few spots may appear from time to time. You may accidentally spill some juice, pop, or pizza sauce on your white couch or chair. Remedy this by wiping up the spill before it becomes a stain. Chairs that are treated with stain guard are more resistant to stains than those which are untreated. If the stain still remains after wiping, use a fabric cleaner to remove it.


    Watch What You Wear


    Watch What You Wear


    Some dyes used in clothing can stain white furniture easily. In order to avoid staining furniture with your clothes, find out which fabrics are kind to white furniture and buy lounging clothes made from those fabrics. Additionally, dyes and inks from newspapers and magazines can also be transferred to white furniture. When reading a magazine or newspaper, try and keep it away from the couch or chair.


    White furniture gives a room a clean, elegant look that is unmatched by coloured or patterned furniture. The above techniques will help you to take good care of your furniture and keep it looking brand new.

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    Nothing makes a big impact as high gloss furniture. It brings a sense of space and light to gloomy and small rooms and offers timeless appeal. For almost half a century, it has been a staple of commercial and household furnishings thanks to its unmatched durability. If you're thinking of buying high gloss furniture and worried that the furniture will lose its shine or that you may become a slave to its upkeep, here are some tips to help you on your way:


    Regular Care


    high gloss furniture


    When wiping high gloss furniture, always use a damp cloth. Wipe the furniture's surface gently without applying a lot of pressure and use long, straight strokes instead of circular motions. Wipe all water droplets on the surface as they may leave spots when dried. After wiping the furniture, buff the surface back to its natural shine using a clean, soft, dry cloth. Avoid using dry dusters as they can scratch the furniture's surface. Convectional microfiber clothes are also discouraged as they have abrasive fibres which can create a matt effect on the furniture's surface due to fine scratches.


    Removing Dirt and Stains


    high gloss furniture removing dirt stains


    When dealing with spots or sticky marks, use a weak, soapy solution to clean the area (dilute a teaspoon of mild dish soap in half a gallon of water). Once you've gotten rid of the spot, remove any soapy residue by wiping the surface with a clean, damp cloth. Afterwards, buff the surface to a shine using a clean, dry cloth.


    When dealing with persistent stains or greasy fingermarks, apply light cleaner directly to a cloth and use it to wipe the furniture's surface. Avoid applying pressure as you clean and wipe the furniture in order to maintain the brilliance of the surface. Abrasive substances such as alcohol-containing cleaners, solvents, and scouring creams can cause irreversible damage on high gloss furniture and should be avoided.


    Follow these easy tips and your high gloss furniture will become an attractive, focal point in your home.

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    Items made from leather exude class and style. They become more attractive with the passage of time and last a lifetime. When buying furniture pieces, it is important to know what real leather looks like as there are many fake leather products in the market. Being able to identify real leather is a useful skill that can come in handy when you're buying furniture for your home. The following guidelines will help you to identify synthetic vs. genuine leather.


    Features of Genuine Leather


    genuine leather


    Genuine leather is made from animal skins. It is obtained from pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats. It is highly durable, has irregularly-shaped pores, and is thicker than synthetic leather. It can withstand stretching, yanking, squashing, and bending. It has very expressed grooves which have a leathery scent even when dyed.


    Real leather is divided into 3 categories: aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented.


    Aniline is top-grain, high quality leather that looks natural and is free of protective treatment. It is prone to surface scratches and absorbs stains easily. When exposed to the sun for long periods of time, it begins to fade.


    Semi-aniline leather has a surface coated with clear finish or pigment which increases its durability. The coating guards it against stains and spills and gives it color consistency.


    Pigmented leather is top-grain leather which is coated with a transparent pigment or top layer. The layer gives the leather an even, shiny color on the surface making it appear less natural. Pigmented leather is highly durable, hides natural blemishes, and has maximum resistance to wear and tear, fading, and stains.


    Features of Synthetic Leather


    synthetic leather


    Fake leather has a fabric base that is treated with polyurethane, dye, or wax for texture and color. It is lighter than real leather, less restrictive, and can be dyed any colour. Its pores have a more consistent look. Synthetic leather is cheaper than real leather but doesn't last long if used often. It stretches like spandex and is not as thick as genuine leather. Its grooves are less defined and are pressed mechanically onto the material.


    While it is not always easy to identify synthetic vs. genuine leather, the above guidelines will come in handy when you're buying furniture items for your home.

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    The latest trend in furniture is spending less and getting a high quality product in return. A lot of people prefer self-assembly furniture as it is affordable and more mainstream than in years past. Fully assembled furniture is also popular with many as it removes the hassle of following step-by-step instructions. Both types of furniture can be bought from any geographical location and shipped directly to your home. When choosing between the two, it is important to know the pros and cons of each.


    Self- Assembly Furniture




    1) Self-assembly furniture is convenient and cost effective. These days, more manufacturers are selling quality furniture made of sturdy materials.


    2) Self-assembly furniture is easier to ship as compared to fully assembled furniture. It is also more compact and you can fit a large amount into a container as compared to fully assembled furniture.


    3) If you live in a high building with narrow passages, it can be hard to maneuver large pieces of furniture. Self-assembly furniture is easy to transport even in confined spaces. It is easy to assemble and comes with a simple installation guide.


    self assembly furniture




    1) It can be hard to follow the instructions that come with self-assembly furniture. Some small pieces may also get lost during the assembly process.


    2) At times, you get what you pay for. Cheap self-assembly furniture may be less sturdy and cost you more in the long run.


    Fully Assembled Furniture




    1) Fully assembled furniture has aesthetic appeal. It is more pleasing to the eye as it is made by experienced professionals.


    2) Fully assembled furniture is more durable than self-assembly furniture and can last a lifetime if well taken care of.


    3) In some cases, fully assembled furniture costs less than self-assembly furniture.


    fully assembled furniture




    1) Fully assembled furniture can get damaged during the shipping process resulting in higher insurance costs. It is also difficult to move through small doorways and narrow stairs.


    2) It is occasionally more expensive than self assembly furniture.

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